Jim WestwoodWelcome to Hostgator Coupon Codes!

My name is Jim Westwood and I’ve created this website so that you can find coupon codes for Hostgator hosting plans and save some money!

I’ve been involved in building websites since the internet became popular and obviously that means I’ve needed a lot of hosting accounts.

Over the years I’ve tried many different hosting companies and experience has taught me that there are none that are as good as HostGator, which is why I ultimately always end up buying more plans from them.

That being the case, I was looking for a way of saving money and that’s when I discovered my first HostGator Coupon.

Over the years I’ve used many coupon codes and it has saved me a ton of money and that’s why I decided to create this website – Hopefully now you’ll be able to save some money on your Hostgator hosting plan!